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Our leading solutions encompass STRATEGY, MARKET & COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE, FRAUD FIGHTING & SECURITY through our FRENCH TOUCH in Data Sciences, Methods, Mathematics and Tools around BIG DATA and PREDICTIV

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From A to Z, our powerful methodology framework guarantees your money back, an efficient risk mitigation and the scalability of your dedicated solution.

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Audit :: Intelligence :: WarRooms & crisis management :: Agile implementation :: Change management

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Carefully select the best algorithms for your needs in our Mega data sciences libraires :: turn it in action through an agile process

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Use the best of opensource (Hadoop, Spark, SparQL, R...) and our "on the shelves" APIs and Tools

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Our Resilience Maturity Model and the related control and scalability management system dramatically increase the resilience of your organisation


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Deus-ex-Machina awarded best Data Science solution at the Data Intelligence Awards during the Data Intelligence Forum

and the winner is                              
Deus-ex-Machina awarded best Data Science solution at the Data Intelligence Awards during the Data Intelligence Forum exhibition held in Paris. Congratulations to the whole team around Henri Laude, our Chief Data Scientist : David Pothier, Emmanuel de Lagardette, Frederic Fourre, Lionel Combes, Gabriel Martin, Jean-Luc Gustave. Two years investment and efforts pay off. Time for a new stage in our development! We also want to congratulate our prestigious competitor : ADEL (Algorithm Data Ethics Label) with Cedric Villani and Gilles Babinet. Guys, you are superstars, it’s been a privilege to stand next to you! About Deus-ex-Machina ARP’s Deus-ex-Machina solution allows early detection of weak signals and alerts on potential impacts and transformation of the competitive or geopolitical risks facing a public or private institution. By applying AI algorithms to competitive intelligence, the DxM solution interprets temporal evolutions of social networks and aggregate technological or financial data, before suggesting specific defensive or offensive reactions.    

Deus ex Machina, our AI for Competitive Intelligence has been nominated at the DATA INTELLIGENCE FORUM awards

Deus ex Machina, our AI for Competitive Intelligence has been nominated at the  DATA INTELLIGENCE FORUM awards deus ex machina teaser nomination