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Resilience Maturity Model Audit

  • Security (process), Business continuity
  • Penetration Tests & Ethical hacking

Fraud resilience improvement

  •  customer/partner assisted fraud
  •  staff assisted fraud, fraud against staff
  •  3rd party fraud, fraud against customer, against 3rd party by customer

Data & reputation protection

  • Data corruption, Privacy breach
  • 3rd party information dissemination
  • hoax dissemination

Technical  & process Resilience

  •  Social engineering, Logic bombs, Gates,
  •  Unauthorized software implementation,
  •  Change Control Failure, design fault, testing failure

Asset Definition and Management

  •  Identify, define, document, and manage organizational assets during their lifecycle

Incident Management and Control

  •  Identify and analyze events, detect incidents, and determine an appropriate organizational response

External Dependencies Management

  •  Establish and manage an appropriate level of controls to ensure the resilience of services and assets that are dependent on the actions of external entities